4 Winter Skincare Tips from Dermatologists.

During the winter months, especially in northern regions of the USA, your skin may start to give you problems. It is necessary to change your skincare routine during the winter to account for the difference in humidity and temperature and how that can affect your skin.

Tip #1 : Increase Humidity of the Air

Buying a humidifier for your winter skincare is a great way to combat the lack of moisture caused by constantly running heaters. Moisturizing the skin is one of the most important factors of a good skincare routine. It is also recommended that you drink an extra glass of water or two during the winter months.

Humidifier for Winter Skincare

Tip #2 : Upgrade Your Moisturizer.

Moisturizing is the most important winter skincare tip. So, upgrading your moisturizer to something more heavy duty is necessary. Many moisturizers come in pump bottles, meaning that they are often thin enough to pump. The Orlando Dermatology Center recommends using thicker moisturizers in cans as opposed to pumps for winter skincare. It should be noted, though, that ointments or extremely thick products like Vaseline are better suited for the skin on your body as opposed to the face, because they can clog pores.

Tip #3 : Use Gentler Products

Many products that are used during the humid and hot summer months may strip your skin of the required moisture during the winter. If you’re using makeup remover or anti-acne creams and ointments, it’s recommended that you use a gentler version that doesn’t take moisture away from the skin for winter skincare.

Also, if you’re using a fragranced body wash, during the winter you may want to switch to something more gentle such as dove, cetaphil, or vanicream. If you’re dealing with breakouts it is recommended that you just use water on those areas during the dry winter months.

Tip #4 : Take Lukewarm Showers.

Taking hot showers can cause your skin to become more dry because hot water evaporates faster, pulling the moisture from your skin. Excessive exposure to hot water can strip the skin of essential oils causing you to feel more dry than before. Be sure to keep your showers at a lukewarm temperature to ensure you’re not making your already-dry skin worse.

Winter Skincare Shower