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Dermatologist Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness (MPHL)

  Pattern hair loss, known as male-pattern hair loss (MPHL) or male pattern baldness when it affects males and female-pattern hair loss(FPHL) when it affects females, is hair loss that primarily affects the top and front of the scalp. In males, the hair loss often presents as a receding hairline, while in females, it typically presents as a thinning of the […]

Thinning Hair and Hair Loss in Women (FPHL)

Without treatment hair loss can progress. Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) is the most-common cause of hair loss in women. FPHL usually begins in mid 40s, 50s, or 60s. It can begin earlier for some women. It is a progressive condition. Treatment can prevent hair loss from worsening and help women regrow their hair. Treatment delivers […]