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IPL Laser Treatments & Their Effectiveness

What is an IPL Laser? IPL is similar to laser treatment, but the light is less concentrated. Where lasers use a single focused wavelength, IPL spreads out the light using several wavelengths. Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, aka photofacial, is a way to improve the color and texture of your skin without surgery. It can undo some of […]

Pediatric Dermatology: Sunscreen -Protect your children’s skin in the Florida sun.

Living in the sunshine state means that we must think about how to protect ourselves from the sun often. Because sun damage is cumulative, starting a good sunscreen routine for going out in the sun needs to begin early. At the Orlando Dermatology Center, we see patients with sun related damage to their skin often […]

Anti-Aging Skincare Advice from a Dermatologist

Basics: Protect against UV exposure Hydrate skin Do not only focus on your face Think about your overall lifestyle What causes fast aging skin (other than time)? With aging, the outer skin layer (epidermis) thins, even though the number of cell layers remains unchanged. The number of pigment-containing cells (melanocytes) decreases. The remaining melanocytes increase […]

Orlando Dermatology Advice: Protect Your Lips From Skin Cancer

Skin cancer on the lips is especially dangerous and you need to know that. Lip skin is fragile, can’t really protect itself from UV rays and lip cancer can be surprisingly aggressive. It’s also not uncommon. Lip cancer usually develops in the thin, flat cells called squamous cells that line the lips and other areas of […]

Orlando Dermatology Center: Winter Acne Treatments

Getting acne treatments done at our state-of-the-art clinics in Orlando, Florida has many benefits, especially during the changing temperature of Florida’s winter months. Your skin may be feeling a bit bi-polar during the volatile swings of Florida’s winters. Cold weather can cause dry skin and more outbreaks. Since your skin stands between you and the […]

State of the Art Orlando Dermatology: Superficial Radiation

What is the SRT-100™? The Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) system is a compact, state-of-the art system that helps eliminate skin cancer cells. Because the amount of radiation penetrates just a few millimeters below the skin’s surface, SRT-100 treatments can preserve healthy skin cells while still targeting malignant skin cancer cells.   What are the benefits of […]

4 Skin Conditions That Should Compel You To See Your Dermatologist Quickly

With the changes in the weather or if you’ve recently changed you’re diet you may notice your skin responds to external stimulus very quickly. Some skin conditions are benign but some can create some very embarrassing symptoms. Here are a few that would compel you to visit Dr. Vitaly Blatnoy at the Orlando Dermatology Center […]

Dermatology Basics: 5 Signs That Mole Might Be Cancerous

Skin cancer is a very real threat for Americans; it’s estimated that one out of every five people in the U.S. will develop the disease in their lifetime. As a result of this shocking statistic, it’s extremely important that you pay attention to your skin. Since moles are so common, you should know the difference […]