Dermatology Orlando News: CryoDestruction™ Technique

Recent News Update:


The Orlando Dermatology Center has been making a lot of new moves recently, including opening a new office, increasing the amount of services provided through new equipment purchases, AND developing an improved way to the removal of keloid scars.

It is important for us to keep improving and growing. Currently our offices provide a range of services for both pediatric and adult dermatology. Dermatology Orlando is a tough, competitive, field and we hold strong onto our ideals and morals of being the best dermatological doctor’s office in Orlando.

New Brand for Dermatology Orlando: Florida Keloid Center

CryoDestruction™ is a procedure for the removal of one of the toughest scars, Keloids. The Orlando Dermatology Center has used the momentum of this new procedure to rebrand for the specific treatment, creating a full service, sub clinic called the Florida Keloid Center (website build by PartPixel in Tampa, FL).

The CryoDestruction Technique actually freezes the keloid from the inside out with liquid nitrogen. The freezing cold of liquid nitrogen causes a thermal effect that destroys cell growth, thus removing the keloid. With no risk of worsening the scar, and a 97% SUCCESS RATE, the CRYODESTRUCTION is the best method available!

Choosing the right Dermatologist in Orlando:

The Dermatology Orlando scene is filled with quite a few dermatologists to choose from, many of whom are well-reputed doctors with many years of experience with fellowships and accreditation from great organizations. The difference between these great doctors and Dr. Blatnoy and his team at the Orlando Dermatology Center and the Florida Keloid Center is their specializations in specific and often very difficult procedures. If you’re looking for a simple facial peel or laser hair removal, many doctors could do a great job but tough procedures such as Mohs Surgery and keloid removal should be done by extremely skilled dermatologists and dermatological surgeons such as Dr. Blatnoy.

Many dermatologists, akin to plastic surgeons (and cosmetic surgeons) will simply stick to the “simple” stuff which results in a mediocre result and narrow range of possibilities. Dermatology Orlando can be hard to choose from due to these limitations. Luckily, if you’re located around our east Orlando offices, our staff is fully prepared to cover most medical and cosmetic procedures with ease, not shying away from more difficult surgeries. Dr. Blatnoy is certified  by the American Board of Dermatology & the American Society of Mohs Surgery and is experienced in minimal-discomfort surgery.

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