Florida Skincare in Humidity & Hurricane Season

Florida Hurricane Season Skincare

The Orlando Dermatology Center is located in Central Florida, right in the path of yearly hurricanes. You may prepare your home for the hurricane season with shutters and updating your flood insurance, but do you also take the time to change your skincare? The extreme heat and humidity during this time in Florida and the surrounding areas can cause you to break out. Periods of high humidity tend to result in increased sebum production and sweat, which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. What makes the hurricane season in Florida especially annoying is the increase in humidity may cause your skin to be a more likely host for bacteria. If you already have problems with acne, they will only increase during the extra humid months unless you combat the issue properly. So, how is that done?

#1 Cleanse Your Skin Often in Florida

Start and End Each Day with a Cleanser. Cleanse morning and night to remove makeup, grime and excess oil. Dr. Blatnoy recommends you cleanse your skin at least twice per day to keep bacteria from building up. There should especially be done with attention before bed. It’s important to remove any oils or make-up that could be blocking your pores and causing a break out. With more humidity, there is more of a chance that your pores may become blocked as they are working extra hard during the hot Florida months.

#2 Less Moisturizer, Water Based SPF

Just as Dr. Blatnoy recommends to use more moisturizer during the cold months, you should use less during the warm months. Stay away from any long-wear foundations or non-water-based SPF formulas. These products don’t allow your skin to sweat, which can clog your pores and cause breakouts. This tip goes hand-in-hand with #1, it’s important to remove all products you use on your face during the day before you go to sleep. Having a proper exfoliant to remove makeup and unclog any pores before sleeping is essential to waking up with clear skin.

# 3 Use Deodorant

Cleansing and washing is a must, but sometimes you just need to stop the flow of too much sweat, especially under your arms. Using a good deodorant can reduce breakouts you may have below your face and keep you smelling good throughout the day. The key is not to use a deodorant that does not irritate your skin or over-dry your underarms.