Get rid of signs of aging with an IPL Photofacial!

What is an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) facial or a “Photofacial”?

The IPL Photofacial is a skin treatment that can reduce the appearance of damage and subtract years from your complexion. IPL, also known as Intense Pulsed Light therapy or the photo facial, uses cutting edge technology to produce younger-looking skin that’s firmer and more even in tone and texture. With little recovery time and no surgery, IPL offers a safe, FDA-cleared option for sun damage, anti-aging, and skin rejuvenation.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, aka photofacial, is a way to improve the color and texture of your skin without surgery. It can undo some of the visible damage caused by sun exposure — called photoaging. You may notice it mostly on your face, neck, hands, or chest.

What can an IPL Photofacial treat?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a light-based treatment that is extremely popular and effective for treating:

  • brown spots
  • sun damage
  • age spots
  • facial redness
  • red blood vessels
  • improving overall skin texture and tone.
  • Acne
  • Birthmarks
  • Stretch marks
  • Liver or age spots
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Brown spots, also called liver or age spots
  • Dark spots from hormonal changes
  • Discolored skin
  • Fine wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Redness from rosacea
  • Scars
  • Spider veins

At the Orlando Dermatology Center, we treat the face, chest and back of the hands. That’s because these areas are most often exposed to sunlight and its damaging effects.

IPL uses light energy to target a certain color in your skin.

When the skin is heated, your body gets rid of the unwanted cells, and that gets rid of the thing you’re being treated for. Unlike lasers, an IPL device sends out more than one wavelength of pulsating light. It can treat a range of skin conditions at the same time.

IPL Treatment

Does it hurt?

The procedure is gentle, non-invasive, and safe. While everyone’s tolerance is different, there is usually no need for a topical anesthetic.

What can I expect post treatment?

Immediately following treatment, you can expect to see mild redness, and it may feel like a slight sunburn in the treated area. This should dissipate after a few hours, but in some cases, it could last a day or two. You can start to see healthier looking skin just several days after treatment. Sunspots, age spots, and or broken blood vessels usually begin to clear up in one to two weeks.

How to schedule an appointment with Dr. Vitaly Blatnoy for an IPL Photofacial:

The Orlando Dermatology Center has 3 locations in Orlando and the surrounding area: Oveido, Waterford Lakes, & Lake Mary. To schedule a photofacial or other IPL procedures please schedule online now!