High Tech Keloid Treatments that Actually Work!

What are keloid scars?

A keloid is usually larger than the original wound. A scar that stays inside the bounds of the original wound is a hypertrophic scar. A keloid scar is a thick raised scar. It can occur wherever you have a skin injury but usually forms on earlobes, shoulders, cheeks or the chest. They are not at all common, but are more likely for people who have dark skin.

Keloid Scar

Why are keloid scars hard to remove?

Although keloids are not harmful to your health, they can be difficult to remove. They often grow back and many people have the frustration of going through a removal only for the scar to grow back, often worse, as long as three months after the procedure. Dr. Vitaly Blatnoy at the Orlando Dermatology Center has a 97% success rate of successfully removing keloid scars.

What is the best and most effective treatment for removing keloid scars?

Here at the Orlando Dermatology Center we use two different methods, both of which are state-of-the-art using high tech equipment and are painless. The first is:

CyroDestruction: We use liquid nitrogen to freeze the scars from the inside. The rapid freezing completely stops cell growth which prevents the scar from growing back once removed. This is best used on scars on the ears.

The second form of removal is using the SRT100 radiation treatment post surgical removal. This is a machine that delivers a skin deep dose of radiation directly to the keloid scar cells and prevents their regrowth.

The benefits of SRT are:

  • 90-95% cure rate.
  • Low downtime and minimal lifestyle restrictions.
  • Minimal scarring.
  • No need for post-procedure aftercare.

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