How to choose a good dermatologist:

Orlando Dermatology Center is home to dermatologist who are experts in clinical dermatology, including skin cancer screening, Mohs surgery, acne treatment, mole checks, sun damage correction, skin allergy treatment, and other medical dermatology concerns. 

Dr. Vitaly Blatnoy, MD is a board certified dermatologist that has won multiple awards for his expertise in dermatology and skin cancer surgery. With convenient hours, multiple locations, and state-of-the-art dermatology centers, we are proud to offer skin care options to meet your needs. Each patient is different and so is their skin.

The Orlando Dermatology Center has 3 locations in the Orlando area. We provide state-of-the-art technology such as the SRT-100 laser machine for non-surgical skin cancer removal and keloid scar treatment. Your skin is a constantly changing as you age so it’s important that your dermatologist is up-to-date with all new treatments while also remaining faithful the the tried and true methods.

How to Choose A Good Dermatologist:

Before making an appointment with a dermatologist, it is important to consider their level of training. Board-certified dermatologists have at least eight years of medical training, if not more. They have proven their expertise by passing difficult board exams and meeting other requirements.

  • Board-certified: It is important to check whether your dermatologist is board-certified. If they are, the initials FAAD will appear after their name. FAAD stands for “Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology.” A dermatologist’s website is often a good place to check. It will either list FAAD after their name or discuss their board certification.
  • InsuranceIf you are uncertain about insurance coverage, call your insurance provider. They are the best source for learning whether a dermatologist is in your network and if the visit is covered. They can also tell you whether treatment for a particular condition is covered. Note that strictly cosmetic procedures — such as treatment for wrinkles — usually are not covered.
  • Check their bios. Doctors usually have one on their practice’s website. Look for board certification from the American Academy of Dermatology—you don’t want to get Botox from someone certified as an OB-GYN. A website is also a good place to see whether the doctor’s focus is general or cosmetic and if she specializes further. Someone who names laser treatments, or Botox and fillers, will be more experienced than a doctor who insists he does them all equally well.

Orlando Dermatologist: Dr. Vitaly Blatnoy:

Orlando Dermatologist

Dr. Vitaly Blatnoy is the founder of the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery Center. He graduated from the National Medical University of Kyiv, Ukraine at the top 1% of his class. He completed his dermatologist residency training at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Blatnoy is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and the American Society of Mohs Surgery. He is a fellow of American Academy of Dermatology. Dr Blatnoy is a highly experienced dermatologist, who specializes in an advanced skin cancer removal technique known as Mohs Micrographic Surgery. For the forth-consecutive year Dr. Blatnoy has been honored to receive a prestigious Patients’ Choice Award for his outstanding patient care and expertise.